Missionary Disciples of Christ

By vocation the Congregation is at the service of the awakening and deepening of the Faith,
faith in God and
in each person, young and adult,
with a special attention to the most needy.

We are therefore "present to our brothers and sisters and we are involved in the world where they live. We announce to all the Good News that God loves them" (Rule of Life n° 21). We work for the liberation and the promotion of man called to be a son of God.

Our Rule of Life calls us to
to live,
believe and
the Good News with all our lives.

A few words about this decorative panel

This decorative panel symbolizes the mission of the Congregation based on the intuition of Anne-Marie Martel. The "YES" appears as the fundamental central theme and highlights first of all "Le Puy", the place of its origins.

We can distinguish:

  • the birthplace of Anne-Marie Martel
  • the statue of Notre-Dame de France,
  • the rock St Michel d'Aiguilhe
  • the square of the cathedral
  • an Assembly with the Cantal mountains in the background.

Our motto "GDPH" appears inscribed on a lace doily from Le Puy forming the dot on the i of Yes.

Other elements recall foundations around the world:

the chapel of the college of Piguë in Argentina (1888)
  • the Indian totem of Canada (1896)

  • All this, based on the colors of life that want to be an expression of prayer.
  • the pink house of Boendaël, in Belgium (1903)
  • the copihuë of Chile (1918)
  • the African box, representing the Ivory Coast (1959) and Liberia (1966)
  • the sampan, representing Vietnam (1974)