what is our mission?

What is our apostolate?

Today, the Sisters of the Child Jesus live a loving presence to the Father and to the brothers in :
  • the suburbs
  • the rural world
  • the cities
  • by participating in the life of their neighborhood, their parish, their community as volunteers in various associations
  • creating links with their neighborhood and opening their community to prayer
  • by sharing the daily life of simple people, their joys, their worries
  • accompanying the sick and elderly
  • teaching, etc.

The shared charter of schools, EHPA-EHPAD and partner associations

In the shared spirit of Anne-Marie Martel

Following Anne-Marie Martel, here is a Charter to affirm our convictions, our values, our modes of action, our commitments, in order to promote living together, relationships in our establishments, our various living areas and services

Consult & download the charter of the establishments of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Child Jesus through the following link: