The origin

We situate the birth of the Congregation in 1667 with Anne-Marie Martel under the impulse of the priests of the Society of St. Sulpice who arrived in Le Puy to found a seminary in 1654 (Messrs TRONSON, de LANTAGE, GROSSON).

M de LANTAGE wrote the life of Anne-Marie Martel six years after her death.

  • 1673 : January 15: Death of Miss Martel at 28 years.
  • 1676 : Official recognition by the Church (Bishop of BETHUNE) of the foundation "Les Demoiselles de l'Instruction" (Sisters in community) and "Les Filles de l'Instruction" (alone in the villages) for an essentially pastoral work "Awakening and deepening of the faith."
  • 1678 : First vows of the "Demoiselles
  • 1708 : First house, received from the "Society of the Child Jesus" aggregated to the "Demoiselles de l'Instruction". From that time on, they adopted the name "Demoiselles et Filles de l'Instruction de l'Enfant Jesus."
  • 1730 : First written Rule of Life.
  • 1667Birth ofthe congregation

  • 1673Death ofAnne-marie Martel

  • 1676Recognitionby the Church

  • 1678Firstwishes

  • 1708Firsthouse

  • 1730Firstrule of life

The turmoil - The French revolution of 1789 ...

Expansion in France

  • 1804 : Beginning of the Congregation in the neighboring diocese of Aurillac with A. M. Maisonobe. At the request of the bishop of Aurillac, this branch separated from Puy in 1843. It took on a more radically teaching apostolic orientation with schools, colleges and high schools.
  • 1828: Refinement and adaptation of the First Rule of Life written in 1730.
  • 1836: Foundation of the community of Digne with Miss Sanial. It will become a new Congregation in 1840.
  • 1846: Foundations in Claveisolles with Miss du Sablon and in Chauffailles with Miss Reine Antier will give birth to two new Congregations in 1858 and 1859.
  • 1804Aurillac

  • 1828Adaptation ofthe 1st rule

  • 1836Digne

  • 1846Claveisolles& Chauffailles


  • 1905: The Law of Separation in France, the suppression of the Congregations, the closing and confiscation of the Establishments, and the departure of many sisters to Belgium, Argentina, and Canada.
  • 1940: The suppression of the law against Congregations allows the rebirth of the Congregation in France by Mother Theresa.
  • 1949 : Merger of the Sisters of the Holy Childhood of Rambouillet with the Sisters of the Child Jesus of Puy.
  • 1952 : Merger of the Sisters of the Child Jesus of Puy with the Sisters of the Child Jesus of Aurillac.
  • 1980 : Association Enfant Jesus - lay men and women who commit themselves to live their baptism inspired by the charism and spirituality.

Expansion outside France

The first foundations : Argentina, Canada, Chile & Ivory Coast

  • 1888: Foundation in Argentina by the Sisters of Aurillac, for the education of young people in Piguë, south of the province of Buenos Aires.
  • 1896: Departure of the Sisters of Le Puy to Canada West to answer the call of Bishop DURIEU for the education of the natives.
  • 1918: First foundation in Chile by the Sisters of Argentina.
  • 1959: First foundation in Tabou, Ivory Coast, followed by Sassandra in 1962 and Gagnoa in 1964 (now all closed).

Foundations in Liberia, Vietnam, Ecuador & Burkina Faso

  • 1966 : Foundation in Pleebo, Liberia (closed in 1996).
  • 1974: Foundation in Vietnam.
  • 1996 : Foundation in Ecuador.
  • 2007: Foundation in Pissy, Burkina Faso.
  • 2008 : Opening of the novitiate in Vietnam
  • 2010 : 3rd community in Vietnam